The Power of Intention
A place of inspiration

11 July 2022

The Power of Intention
A place of inspiration
‘Intentional days, create a life on purpose’ 

~ Adrienne Enns

Everything ever manifest began with a single thought. Think about that. Take a moment and look around the space you’re in right now. It all began with a single thought, a possibility of what could be created. Thought, the process and action and creation = manifest reality. 

Something that Yoga teaches us a lot is to think about our actions, think about the words we chose, think  about how we are showing up each day, not only to leave a space better than you found it, but to really be a conscious human being, and Yoga understands the power of our thoughts.

Everything begins with the power of intention. One thing I noticed when I began a disciplined practice of intention, is it changes everything! It has the capacity to positively shift perspective, changing our outlook entirely. Not only does it encourage a more positive outlook on each day, it encourages mindfulness, bringing about a deeper connection to day to day living. That intentionality seeps into everything else. How we show up, how we relate, how we impact others. 

When was the last time you got to the end of the day and thought, crikey, what happened today? Or, I didn’t achieve this, I didn’t achieve that, I really wanted to get X done. Or, …where did the day go?

Now, when was the last time you woke up, and set an intention for that day? 

It doesn’t need to be a huge thing, something simple, something you want to feel at the end of the day. Look at what you want to get done that day and lean into the feeling of having it done. 

You have probably heard someone say before ‘you should sing to your plants’ when they are looking limp in a corner in need of some love. Take this with a pinch of salt you may, or put it down to a hippie woo woo thing to do, but recent findings suggest plants actually do have consciousness. Have you ever seen the rice test? Youtube 'the rice experiment' to see what happens when jars of rice are spoken to positively and negatively. If you haven’t seen or heard of it or are not familiar with this work, it will blow your mind.  If you’re curious about how this works, check out the work of Dr Masaru Emoto (  whos work discovered and claimed Water as a living consciousness, and therefore us humans as conscious beings made up mostly of water, how would our thoughts, words, actions manifest through this highly conductive substance within our bodies. Fascinating right?! 

If you have read about Shamanism, one of their many practices is to bless water before they consume it in order to influence its energetic potency and vibrancy in purifying, nurturing and healing the body. These findings may be 'new' but they're probably really not new at all with this in mind, we have just been living in times of disconnect. 

So how can you bring more intentionality into your days?

As always -  keep it simple! 

Here are some of my favourites. Perhaps try one, embed that, reflect on how you’re feeling about the practice, then layer in another.

1) On waking, write a gratitude list of 5 things you’re grateful for. This practice immediately puts the mind in a more positive space to take on all the chores for the day;

2) Sit in your sacred space, light a candle, it doesn’t have to be an alter space, you can create sacred space anywhere, the intentionality will build energy in that space over time. Connect with what you want to achieve that day, what is your word, your intention, your mantra for that day?

3) Before you eat your meals, take a moment to look at the food, consider its journey to arrive on your plate and all the conditions necessary to bring you this blessing and abundance. The sun, the rain, the people who picked the food, the person that cooked the food, the opportunity for work to be able to receive such beautiful abundance. Give thanks to the healing qualities it will bring to your body when it nourishes you.  Visualise the vitality and energy this food will give you, and give thanks to all the possibilities of your life that brought it to you. Watch how you slow down when you eat or how you feel less inclined to talk when you’re eating. Immediately the gratitude  intentionality transforms how you consume the food.

4) When you have a tough conversation to have with someone, send them love, ask for the highest possible outcome for all, see a positive outcome, call on the universe for support and see the positive outcome.
5) Another one of my favourites I learned was one of Marianne Williamsons. She recommended on waking, send love to everyone you will see, meet, interact with that day, from the milk man to the postman to family, loved ones, to the shopkeeper, leave no one out. Those you know and those you don’t know. Even those you have trouble with. Watch how your energy shifts.

When your intention is clear, so is the way

~ Alan Cohen

The most beautiful thing about this practice is it takes us deeper into our spiritual practices. It builds a deeper connection in your relationship with life and yourself. Watch it build a level of Faith in yourself and deepen your appreciation for life. Small moments become big details in lifes sweet unraveling. we begin to notice the beauty all around us, and worry less about sweating the small stuff. 

When you take this practice, you are building a commitment to yourself, a trust over time is built, a way of showing up for yourself and this leads to fully embracing life, of finding the pockets of beauty and joy in the simplest of pleasures. Watch the world slow down and beauty show up in the most previously unnoticed places. You’re also inadvertently increasing your heart and kidney qi. 

Never doubt the power of your thoughts, the power of your mind, the capacity to change your world with the way you think. You are after all, unlimited ;) 

‘Ultimately, human intentionality, is the most powerful evolutionary force on this planet’ 

~ George B Leonard

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