yoga with heart & soul

Hello Beautiful Wanderer

I'm curious dear soul...
Why do you return to your mat...?

						For every unrolling of your mat, you gift yourself the opportunity to meet yourself where you are, raw and authentic, expose the light and the dark, by curiously exploring all that's on offer physically, you uncover your energetic, emotional and psychological transformation. You bravely and courageously choose yourself, to face your vulnerability, your personal intimate sacred space, you step back into your power.

						Your greatest obstacles of fear, self doubt, worry, failing to live the life of your dreams all become less consuming when we show up on our mat. Your practice supports you in getting out of your own way, drop the emotional baggage, the limiting beliefs, making way to realise your truest potential and reveal your authentic truth, even if just for the day.

						Whether the change you seek is internal self development, or the courage to walk away from what is no longer serving you, a career, a relationship, that burning desire for more, the awakening, the spiritual calling for a life filled with passion, purpose and alignment, that journey begins with you listening to that call.

						The practice teaches us to tune out and turn in, to receive the wisdom within, in a safe environment where you feel held and able to grow. The truth is, your heart knows the way, your practice bestows you the opportunity to transcend your limiting beliefs, shifting fear towards courage, restoring the faith in yourself. 

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About Me

i'm Helen Olivia

A Yoga Alliance EYT-600hr+ certified teacher offering Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Pranayama, Reiki and body reading.

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Helen gives every single participant in her classes and workshops so much kindness and attention. It is as if she intuitively knows what each person needs, she is a true empath. This combined with her technical knowledge makes one hell of a yogi! You’re blessed if you get to practice with her.

- Cathy, student Bali 2019

A review is not enough to recommend this amazing yogi, teacher and soul. I have been lucky enough to practice with Helen for a couple of months and her practice and teaching are authentic and profound. She is a caring, nourishing and experienced teacher. She is able to bring to her classes and workshops, guidance for every type of body and for the soul, alignment, play and creativity. Whether you join a flow or a yin class, she will guide you to explore the practice as your practice, to sink into your experience of what yoga is, while being fully supported. Rarely I have met a teacher with this innate capacity to express the link between physical and emotional body in a class. She is a splendid facilitator, who brings together knowledge and an impressive intuitive nature.

- Maryam, student, Bali 2019

From the very first moment Helen spread the yoga classroom with her energy. I attended a few of her classes because they are challenging yet guided, relaxing but with a lot of physical and spiritual work. Very compassionate and full of love.

- Leonardo, student Bali 2019

Helen is a brilliant teacher! Inspiring, very passionate and informative. I feel very flexible and recharged after lessons and always look forward to the next one. Lovely human being.”

- Rachel, online student, May 2020

I can only recommend this amazing body and soul magician. First of all Helen is totally dedicated to her practice and has one goal: make you enjoy your body and soul as you should. Spiritually, physically her purpose is to make you feel boundless, limitless and everything becomes possible during a practice with her, no joke! I have been her student for 4 weeks, it literally changed my perception of “what can I do, what am I capable of?” This is a sincere review for a person that I am so grateful I have met. Plus, Helen is an ex dancer, her yoga is very graceful, her moves are inspiring, her classes are beautifully structured. Mentally, physically, spiritually it's all HERE. For the picky, deep real practitioner she is perfect, as she is for those who just want to try, she introduces people gently so that they feel home into her world.

- Rahma, 1:1 student Bali 2019


Retreat youself

the secret ingredient is love

The greatest wealth is health...

								I firmly believe time, and health, are our two greatest gifts, yet when we fall out of alignment, we drop into our humanness and don’t always make the healthiest choices, we then take our health for granted. Yoga has transformed my view of many things, but probably more accurately, it’s brought me deeper in alignment with who truly I am. Along with that arrived a deep inner knowing and a huge appreciation and respect for my body, how incredibly powerful, resilient, yet delicately woven the layers of systems and fabrics within us are. I understand the importance and true value of good health and nutrition as well as a healthy relationship with them. I can't shout loudly enough about the joys and ability to transform my energy that the sweet aromas doTERRA have given me, supported my many travels, helped with skincare, oral health care, support a healthy immune system, and countless times I have supported my family with a variety of ailments. Curious? Learn more about my daily routines with oils here here. Reach out to me if you are keen to explore what you may benefit from for your own personal tailored routine.
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You owe it to yourself to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of being

- Helen Olivia