Re-awakening to Joy- Living in the Heart space
A place of inspiration

04 July 2022

Re-awakening to Joy- Living in the Heart space
A place of inspiration
Summertime! The peak and most yang of all seasons, when the sun shines his brightest, we enjoy the most light, life calls us to be outdoors, be social, meet with friends, enjoy funtimes, according to the wisdom of 5 Element theory we have arrived at the element of Fire. Just like the sun shining his brightest, when you connect with this element, you are glowing, smiling, laughing, playful, embracing your inner child fully landed in your heart space. 
There’s a sense of magnetism around this season. 

You can feel the warmth and energy of the fire element through the light, the desire to connect more, to live and be in Joy. Like a roaring fire around a campsite, or in the snug of a cosy winter living room, the fire is luring, warming, welcoming and attractive. This is the season that calls us to be our most vibrant, feel our most social, enjoy the outdoors, nourish our playful inner child with fun activities that make us laugh, that connect us in our relationships. 

Enjoying the moment is the deepest way of showing gratitude, being appreciative. 

This beautiful season has a magnetic force about it, and it’s no surprises that the organ it represents is the Heart, which is referred to as ‘The emperor’ of the whole body. We only have one, and the heart never stops beating, pumping, deeply connected to the lungs to breath us, keeping us alive. If the heart doesn’t work, we don’t. 

The energy of the Heart is Joy and the season encourages to live in Joy. It rserves to remind to connect to people, reflecting on how we are able to show up in life with an open heart, how you feel the spark of life running through you all relates to this element. Reminding us to nurture our inner child, to be playful, to laugh, to connect intimately in our relationships, to find the joy in life, to connect with gratitude in the heartspace inviting more positivity into our lives. When you connect with fun summer activities, what brings you joy? 

Are you making time for Joy in your life?

The heart in TCM is where we house our ‘Shen’ our spirit. When this element is living in its spirit, it lights up the room, we see the spark of joy in the eyes of another, we hear the heart liberate through the sound of laughter. 

As with all energies, there is a light and a shadow side. Part of the human experience will no doubt at some point be the full spectrum of those scales. So we are called to nurture this element in times of sadness, depression, after a fright, or when we simply need more joy in our lives. After the last few years when so much joy has been taken away from us, there couldn’t be a more poignant time to nourish ourselves in this way. 

But how do we know when we need to shine our Shen? 

We can witness an imbalance in ourselves or that of another in a moment of awkward laughter, insomnia, bi-polar emotions, being too sensitive, taking things to heart or overthinking. In these moments we can take step towards love and nurture this beautiful element, we can understand ourselves more deeply, knowing when to cool the heat or turn the heat up. 

I love to call on the wisdom of the Shamanic teachings also, and this reminds me of a few of the questions the Shamans pose when a person becomes depressed, disheartened, dispirited or anxious;

When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories?  

Use the fire to burn through what you need to burn to ashes in order to evolve and transform. Are there habits you need to let go of? People that are no longer offering supportive, loving relationships feeding and nourishing your energetically?  

What needs to burn, let it burn, return to the earth, and move forward. Fire doesn’t burn forever, we always have the capacity to transform. 

So with these beautiful lessons of this element, what is calling you? Ultimately the most beautiful lesson is to love. Love after all is the strongest force. 

Be the light, live in joy, rest in the heart space, be love, choose love. When that point comes to look back, what will really matter?

Big H love ?

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