Wellness with doTERRA
Literally essential

14 December 2020

Wellness with doTERRA
Literally essential
I was living in Spain when a friend introduced me to doTERRA essential oils. It was undoubtedly an aligned discovery for me. The grounding effect on first whiff of Balance in the diffuser on entering the office just lifts the weight off the shoulders immediately. It’s a common fact we all have those scents which take us back somewhere, coconut somewhere exotic reminding us of our sun lotion, an old perfume of a loved one or past lover, freshly baked goods of cosy days at home. Who doesn’t want to bottle up those magical moments or nostalgic memories? I instantly knew these little bottles were going to be magic. 

As I continued to discover more of the vast array of scents and benefits, I found them to be such a complementary addition to a more holistic and natural way of living. I quickly became entranced by their potent effect, such a beautiful enhancement to my yoga practices. I had already begun my energy work including Reiki when I discovered the joys and benefits of the oils so it felt like such a poignant addition. 

They genuinely have the power to support me through all my delightful array of emotional flavours, provide skincare, oral healthcare and countless more wellbeing benefits. I’ve even created my own range of perfume replacing essential oil roller balls, handbag size of course, given the chemicals in perfumes now make me sneeze. Much to my delight my friends have been raving about them :) 

So, for the curious, it’s all about exploring the little bottles of magic to find what resonates with your own senses and lifestyle. I do get asked quite a lot, what a typical day of oil use looks like for me, so here it is:

On waking; Coconut oil pull with On Guard, (3x per week ideally) making my mouth feel as though it’s indulged in the ‘deep wash high shine with extra sparkle’ oral version of the local car wash. ‘Balance’ on the soles of my feet for that calming grounding set up for the day-feel. I also do this in times of stress as it is so anchoring. Most mornings I set the diffuser up with peppermint and wild orange for the ultimate feeling fresh and focused to tackle the day’s work ambiance. In the evenings before teaching, I will freshen up the diffuser with an oil to support the theme of the class depending if the class is dynamic or relaxing. Before bed, Serenity in the diffuser, lavender touch rolled on the feet, e voila, fall deliciously into slumber. 

In addition to the above which is pretty routine, I have some others; Tea tree is a skin saviour I have used on damaged or sore skin needing repair, also it’s great for sore throat gargled with water, many of my family members have thanked me for this one. They have also thanked me for Zengest - which has literally been a life safer when IBS meant being housebound. Turmeric oil in capsules have been a wonderful healer for my Dad's inflammation, as well as Copaiba for pain relief and immunity. I personally use on guard beadlets for immunity, especially great in winter or for my travels, peppermint beadlets for on the go midday breath freshening, on guard under the souls of the feet for immunity and seasonal support, past-tense on the temples and back of neck to stop tension headaches in their path, and ooh, an absolute fave of mine - geranium in my coconut oil for that indulgent post shower moisturisation, luxury at it’s finest. One of my fave adjustments is oils replacing my perfumes, I have found it to be quite literally essential now - My fave roller, ‘back to me’ a powerful combination of Frankincense and Wild Orange - fresh, fiercely feminine, with an air of wisdom and depth of richness. 

Still curious? Get in touch with me and allow me to support you in creating your own personal routine. Don’t just take my word for it though, learn more here to dive into discovering their benefits.


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