Spring into the season of renewal, regeneration, expansion.
Top tips, to increase energy and find balance in mind and body

23 March 2022

Spring into the season of renewal, regeneration, expansion.
Top tips, to increase energy and find balance in mind and body

How beautiful to immerse into a new season...but if we are not ready for it...what could go wrong?

It's easy to forget we are primal beings, and our bodies are so miraculous, they know what we need, constantly healing, nurturing, pumping, gushing, autonomously responding, they feel the shift in season and begin the response of leading and adapting to nature. So the northerner hemisphere residers amongst us, will / should be feeling the surge of energy rising. Naturally waking earlier with more ease for example whilst those more south will likely be feeling the urge to slow down.

Having spoken to a dear friend yesterday bereft as a Mum at home with Covid (the chores don't stop right?) it came to my awareness she hadn't been the only one I spoke to this week feeling off balance. 

So if we don’t lean into what the body is asking of us, just like in Winter we need more sleep, overworking and working late will not conserve our bodily reserves, what happens in the body? 

So as we head into Spring - new beginning and a fresh start - changes take place in your body. 

Think about it, Spring is an expression of life at its strongest. The time when energy reserves are put into good use. For those of you who practice with me regularly, you know nature inspires my yoga teachings hence my love and curiosity of infusing the wisdom of Chinese medicine as a methodology to harmonise and find balance within the body and mind. This healing benefits work on and off the mat as a holistic approach. 

The seasonal learnings of this ancient wisdom are powerful. 

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Spring is represented as the beautiful element of Wood.  

What does wood do?

It pushes through, rises up, expands, rises to the heavens and sun. We can translate that as - it’s here to get sh*t done. 

That said, what happens when this energy is thwarted or constrained? Just as my dear friend experienced, it’s actually normal to feel the imbalanced emotions of this element in it's early stages.  

Challenging times of restricted movement can leave us stagnated, irritable, depressed, tension in the neck and sides of the body, mentally a lack of focus or vision, leaving us heavy in the heart. You may also have disturbed sleep, dry itchy red eyes, stiffness in the body, menstrual irregularity, hip pain, headaches, high blood pressure.  

Frustration, irritability, a sense of pent upness, even heavier emotions of anger or depression are also commmon when imbalanced here.

Just as the sap rises in the tree before bursting outwardly expressing new leaves, there is a build up, it’s normal to feel that pressure build up energetically, we feel it emotionally. 

In TCM the Liver (the chemical house of the body) and the Gallbladder are responsible for cleansing and filtering blood, eliminating toxins, creating a smooth flow of qi (energy).

Here these organs are masters at discerning and distributing. When we treat this element, we become adaptability, flexible, have good vision and able to plan strategically with confidence. 

Feeling indecisive, self critical, irritable or frustrated? your body is calling you to treat the wood element within you. 

Spring is a great time to work on any internal blockages and gain access to vibrant fresh energy in this season of renewal, rebirthing and growth - often a time referred to as ‘young yang’. 

So how does this translate in yoga? 

Well, the teachings of TCM support the body and mind in times of change, it’s a holistic approach to incorporate in your everyday way of being, as well as harnessing these qualities on the mat.

To balance this element within us and encourage positive flow of energy, follow these simple basic top tips to get you feeling strong and energised;

- Get moving! Wood loooooves to walk in nature. Take it further by witness the beauty of the season, take a moment to connect with the trees and feel her healing energy. 

- Yoga! Join me for some Yin (live or take the recording) where we will focus on the hips and sides of the body - where the meridians (energy lines) run. When we stagnate it affects the tendons and sinews - in short, we feel stiff. This practice supports you in becoming ‘un-stuck’ 

- Drink warm (not hot) lemon water

- Detox - ‘spring clean’ your system by replacing your morning coffee with a green juice - try celery juice with lime.

- Add extra greens - leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, fermented foods, pasley, arugula.

- Use essential oils - peppermint, lemon, chamomile, 

- Sleep well - early sleep early rise. Wood likes routine, regularity of exercise. 

Most importantly, witness the beauty and joy around you in this exquisite season. Joy is our way into love. When we witness beauty, we experience love. Love, ultimately, being who and what we are.

I hope to see you on the mat soon, if not connect with me on social or by email, I love to hear about your journeying in this beautiful season.  

With Love, Helen.

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