Summer mini retreat - Returning to Joy


16th July, 11:00 - 14:30Mula Yoga Studio, Ormskirk


Exchange £50


16th July, 11:00 - 14:30Mula Yoga Studio, Ormskirk


Exchange £50


						Summer is the season to feel your most vibrant self, meet life with an open heart, connect more deeply in your relationships and tap into joy. 

Just like the sun shining his brightest, when you connect with this season and element, you are glowing, smiling, dancing with life, embracing your inner child fully living from your heart space. 

Imagine embracing this season and living more fully in your heart space. 

The theme of this mini reatreat is based upon the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and 5 Element Theory. This element is Fire, and as we arrive at the height of summer, it's the most active and yang of all the elements. 

The heart in this discipline is referred to as ‘The emperor’ of the whole body and the emotion it is most deeply related to is Joy. 

How does this show up in your life?
It is how you connect to people, how you are able to show up in life with an open heart, how you feel the spark of life running through you.

The Heart houses the spirit which is referred to as your ‘Shen’. To keep the Shen healthy, shining, vibrant and alive within, we can use this element to learn how to keep your spirit in balance and also possible causes  for disharmony. 

About the workshop...

We will deep dive into the heart space, discovering its essence through the wisdom of this ancient healing system. Learn how to bring about harmony and balance in your subtle energy anatomy. We will begin with a learning journey as we drop into this element, discuss its nature, including its energetic and emotional flavours. We will slowly open the body in some floor based somatic gentle movements, moving gently into flow, raising the energy and vibration into a dynamic practice, (high chance of laughter) returning to the ground to cool down in some soothing Yin to calm the fire within. As always you will learn about the energy points within the body specifically targeting the energy lines of the heart and small intestine, which symbiotically work together to balance the Yin and Yang energies of Fire energy. 

We will close with a meditation, reflection (or journal) and a sweet Savasana.  Leave feeling content, heart full and inner harmony. Don’t be surprised if this journey offers you some kind of healing or inner transformation. 

This 2.5 hour journey will be a voyage of self discovery, a moment to reflect, offering playfulness, joy and harmony in the heart space. 

Essential oils will be used in this practice to enhance your experience and simulate the senses. The use of essential oils in life and in practice aid us in healing and shifting ur energy, be it more emotional support,  more calm, or more energising and uplifting. There will be the option to purchase essential oil pulse / body rollers which will be a specific blend for this element and the heart space. They will have a special discount just for that day if you feel connected to this element, it's a beautiful way to work more deeply with it and allow your journey to continue post workshop.

After the practice we will be sharing a nourishing lunch together. Each lunch box will be lovingly prepared from our friends at Wild root kitchen and contain a delicious seasonal selection of salad, sandwich, smoothie and a sweet treat, 100% plant based. 

Essentials: blanket & socks (blankets available at the studio)

Optional: Journal / notepad and pen - there will be a lot of information, you may want to take notes to refer back to as often this ‘lands’ when we have had time to process. 



I believe we are our own greatest teacher, but every now and then we need a nudge ;)

- Helen Olivia