Move & Manifest


Saturday 4th May ~ 1pm - 3.30pmMula Yoga Uk




Saturday 4th May ~ 1pm - 3.30pmMula Yoga Uk




						Join Helen Olivia for an expansive yoga workshop inviting both Yang and Yin energies.

Using the principles of 5 element theory, vision your desires and manifest your expansion through the season of rising and growth - Spring.

Spring in Traditional Chinese Medicine is represented by the element of Wood which is considered the ‘young yang’ of the elements as nature bursts back with renewed vitality.

Wood element is all about growth, change, and expansion. This element encourages us to live our dreams and manifest them into reality, related to our capacity to vision where we want to go in life.

Specifically we address the organs of the Liver and Gallbladder.

The liver is often referred to as the dreamer being the most intelligent of the organs as it is impressively strategic.

When the qi (energy) flows freely in this element we are able to vision and manifest our deepest heart's desires, and bonus - we experience harmonious emotions.

Allow this element to fall out of balance, and you will feel irritability, frustration, indecision, loss of motivation, feel stuck, angry, like life is working against you and you can’t ‘see the wood for the trees’. Physically you will feel stiff in the tendons, suffer muscular weakness, joint pain, eye issues, fatigue in body and mind.

Balance this element, and step into your power, become a magnetic force of creation, strategise well, have the confidence to take action on your dreams.

We learn from nature and this element offers us the virtues of nurturing, compassion, discernment, resilience and decision making.					


						In this workshop we will practise Vinyasa specifically targeting the meridians (energy lines) of this element to stoke up the qi - this element loves to move, so expect some juicy twists and lateral side movements to target the tonic points. We will then slow down into some juicy Yin and learn acupressure self healing touch points you can incorporate in your daily life. Wind down with some reflection, journeying meditation and deep rest.

We are all here to blossom, come and immerse in this element, move, reflect, gain insight and vision yourself into your fullest bloom.

Everything ever manifested began with a single thought...'The smallest seed can create the biggest growth.'					

I believe we are our own greatest teacher, but every now and then we need a nudge ;)

- Helen Olivia