International Womens Day
A time for trust and courage

08 March 2022

International Womens Day
A time for trust and courage
Internationals Women's Day
Today I get to spend the most wonderful day with myself, and I can’t help but feel so utterly blessed. was easy arriving here. 

Having always travelled, from the outside you could easily assume H has this thing down, by the words of my friend ‘I travel like a boss’. Travelling is in me. Seeing the world is in me, like a nomadic streak running right through the core of me. Gypsy H. 


These last years have tested me more than I have acknowledged. It’s been a story of two halves, like that Gemini North node of past years, I really felt the polarities and duality. I can’t take away I have been exactly where I was supposed to be without a doubt, (that's another post) but to my fellow female travellers I know you have been feeling like a caged bird. One adapts to the environment, the stillness, the lack of freedom to roam, wings clipped, but the soul calls for shores afar…

Thus, here in Mexico, third flight change, it honestly knocked Muladhara right out! Genuinely it took me days to ground my energy, anchor and settle! Having not travelled in 2 years, even to this safe space here in Tulum, I was floored at what it took me to get settled. I usually wake up on day one to the sweet bird song and instantly my shoulders drop. Na. Didn’t happen! I couldn’t help but wonder, am I getting old?! Haha. Or genuinely, these past few years have affected my subtle body, my unconscious in ways I never expected. Have you felt this?

Yes - I have alllll the yoga tools to equip myself to handle this, but what to my fellow sisters who don’t have that? I wanted to tell you you CAN do this. You CAN travel, you SHOULD do that trip you’ve been putting off. Life continues on this beautiful earth and it is magical and healing! Do not give up your dreams for fear, anxiety, the BS we are fed to keep us small. *(Side note, there are ways you can do this irrespective of your medical choice of freedom)

So as I wake up with the light in a beautiful big comfy bed, to the sounds of the jungle birds, time with myself, ease into my day, I can’t help but want to send so much love out to all my sisters in the world, Mothers, daughters, carers, healers, teachers, freedom fighters, every one of you. On this day and everyday, I am grateful. I was blessed to be born in a country that I am free to choose, to earn, to work, to be free. I will never stop being grateful for that, many of our fellow sisters are not. Here is to you all, to continue to fight for your God given Freedoms and have COURAGE. The world needs Women to rise right now like never before. So here's to courage, here's to YOU. 

So on this day and everyday. Stay in TRUST, dream big and bold, have courage to keep fighting for your dreams and ambitions and your freedoms. You are worthy!

* Side note * I was asked the other day in discussion about this what were my tools to support ungroundedness, anxiety, stress as was this instance - Meditation was number 1 priority.  Beyond that, intuitive callings of journaling, listening to the birds and watching them dance amongst the treetops, connecting with nature, getting in the Sea (huge one), intuitive movement (not a rigid yoga practice in fact) and some grounding Yin postures working with Earth energy meridians lines. Contact me if you would like practical guidance on how to navigate these emotions.

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